• What is the Frond Exchange?


    The Frond Exchange is a marketplace of ideas, themes, risk and investment solutions, and asset level securities in both the public and alternatives markets. It leverages its open and secure architecture to allow for AI powered investing and testing, real-time collaboration, and asset management.

  • Benefits

    Data-Driven Thematic Investing

    Automated Back-Testing and Optimization

    Crowdsourced Investment Vehicles and Social Investing

    Turnkey Asset Management Platform

  • Create your own frond.

    Bundle securities into a basket or use our advanced platform to interact with the market via algorithms.

    Purchase a frond solution from the Frond Exchange.

    Get access to a plethora of investment solutions through one instrument (frond) on a single marketplace (Frond Exchange).

    Share interesting fronds.

    Communicate investment ideas with clients, colleagues, family, and friends.

    Automated Investing

    Automate your investments with EasyInvest by Frondex.

  • Step into the future of finance.