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    Elegance, simplicity, and artificial intelligence collide on the most intuitive and intelligent bond trading platform, ever.

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    Our Vision

    At Frondex we believe buying and selling a bond should be as easy and available as buying and selling a stock. Bond platforms today can be characterized by poor user experience, overly-sophisticated language and interface, daunting learning curves, and egregious minimum account balance requirements. Also, because most of these platforms have been built on legacy in-house hardware, they lack the ability to scale into new markets and adapt to fast-changing advancements in technology. Frondex is the first platform focused on user experience, with easy-to -understand tools, such as artificial intelligence for portfolio management, to help navigate a wide range of credit products. Essentially, Frondex is institutional level trading technology with a user interface designed for investors at all levels; novice to sophisticated. Frondex is set to become the market standard for the purchase, sale and trade of bonds.

    Disrupting the Fixed Income Industry

    With a daily US trading volume of more than $700 billion and roughly 80% of US bond purchases still being done over phone call or chat service, there has never been an industry more ripe for disruption and innovation. The current technology underlying investment platforms in the bond market are years behind the platforms serving the equities market. Additionally, the account requirements mandated by the companies in the fixed income industry limit participation in the bond market for retail investors. Frondex was built with all of these problems in mind.

    Global Scale

    Through leveraging the emergence of fixed income application programming interface (API) solutions, Frondex is able to quickly scale to serve bond markets globally. With our current API, Frondex is able to serve the US and European markets. Once our platform is fully built out, moving into markets globally will require only APIs and partnerships.

  • Case studies

    Retail Investor

    John is an accredited investor looking for a platform to invest in bonds as part of his portfolio diversification efforts. He wants an investment solution that provides a return in the form of a reliable cash stream. He chooses to use Frondex because of the intuitive design of the platform, the ability to define risk/return parameters, and the option of investing in a solution tailored to his preferences and trading methods.

    Institutional Investor

    Alpha Capital is a wealth management firm looking for a solution for their fixed income desk that has advanced screeners, high frequency trading solutions, taxation investigation, a wide range of bonds in the global market, and AI powered investment solutions based on risk/return/industry/geographical preferences. They choose to use Frondex Premium for their firm because of its power, ease of use and premium features.