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    AI Powered Financial Advisory & Live Analytics

    Frondex is revolutionizing the financial technology industry by creating artificial intelligence that has the knowledge and skills of a high level financial analyst. Our AI will make the investment process much more efficient and easy for our investors. Our AI will also power our portfolio optimization systems and real-time analytics.

    Current Market Coverage

    Frondex is currently built to serve the United States and European bond markets.

    Fixed Income APIs

    Reliable, centralized access to live pricing data for fixed income markets just recently became possible with advancements in fixed income application programming interfaces (APIs). This technology is built into the back-end of the Frondex platform, allowing Frondex access to market data with microsecond latency from more than 200 execution venues, used to complete transactions.

    Software Architecture

    Frondex is a software as a service (SAAS) product built on top-notch cloud technology, allowing for multi-tenant virtualization and seamless scale.

    Global Expansion Strategy

    By leveraging the emergence of fixed income APIs and building our SAAS platform on cloud technology, Frondex will be able quickly and cheaply penetrate into different markets around the world.

    Learn the Markets

    The intuitive design and AI financial advisory capabilities of Frondex makes it the ideal platform to learn how to invest in the bond market.

    Web and Mobile Trading

    Stay seamlessly connected to the markets and your accounts from anywhere with Frondex - mobile and web - the original place to easily invest in fixed income products online. Buy, sell, research, generate ideas, and track the markets in one convenient place.

    Tailored News Feeds

    Frondex is building the industry standard news source for bonds. Frondex users will be able to tailor these news feeds to their specific investing interests.

    Designed for Strategy

    Frondex allows investors to research strategies and our AI powered advisory recommends strategies based on your past investments. Follow the most successful strategies and learn how to create your own wealth building strategy.

    Easy Hedging of Risk

    Risk management tools for bonds (particularly emerging market bonds) that allow for easy hedging of risks: settlement risk, currency risk, industry risk, etc., through complex algorithms on the back-end using credit derivatives.

    Portfolio Optimization Tools

    Advanced tools to optimize your portfolio based on expected return and risk.

    Fractional Investing

    Frondex has fractional investing tools to trade fractions of select bonds with high trading volumes for novice investors, so that they can gain exposure to price movements and coupon payments.

    Reduced Cost of Services

    With Frondex AI at the cornerstone of our platform, we do not need to higher analysts and managers like most exchange platforms do. By focusing intently on creating powerful and intelligent technology, Frondex will be able to significantly undercut our competition's price point. Our reduced price point will be particularly helpful in on boarding institutional clients.

    Improved Quality of Services

    Frondex is powered by artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. Because our platform is powered by computing instead of people, the number of errors we make will be significantly lower than other available platforms.

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